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Get 50% OFF on our BIG 5-O Package Promo! Grab yours now!
Get 50% OFF on our BIG 5-O Package Promo! Grab yours now!

Start living the BIG Wellness Way

They say that health is wealth, and there’s no better time to jump on the healthy living bandwagon.

Take the necessary steps to ensuring your health and happiness with these products in the BIG Wellness Package.


Detoxify your body by taking Gusto Powdered Vegetable Drink Mix, an all-natural antioxidant vegetable beverage with 10 leafy greens, ginger and turmeric, and sweetened with stevia leaf extracts. With a delicious flavor twist of Philippine mango, you can now enjoy all the nutritional benefits of vegetables, without the added work of chewing! It can be taken before meals for a slimming effect or to help regulate bowel movements, and may also prevent hangovers.

For those with health concerns, take Gusto twice a day before meals. For maintenance, take a minimum of one Gusto a day, more so if you do not consume vegetables.


Flush out all the bad oils that accumulate in your system with Big 5-0.

A plant-based omega 3-6-9 supplement, it keeps your heart healthy and your body svelte by effectively decreasing body fat.

For those with health concerns, take two capsules in the morning and two capsules in the evening after meals. For maintenance, take 1 to 2 capsules daily.


All diseases start in the gut. Nurture your colon with 15-Biota Probiotics with Prebiotics that contain 15 strains that greatly benefit your digestive system. Encourage the growth of good enzymes by taking 15Biota 2 to 3 hours after taking antibiotics. Alternatively, take 2Biota Liver care, the smart vitamin, which aids in the filtration of your blood for a strong circulatory system. It also helps increase the level of glutathione in your system and even protects liver cells against the effects of alcohol.

From fresh produce that we farm ourselves with our own organic fertilizer, to encapsulating live strain biota cultured and grown, B.I.G. chooses only the most potent ingredients for our clients. All B.I.G. products have gone through a deliberate and painstaking certification processes but we are proud to say that we simply do it right.

-Hanna Grace Lopez

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