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Try our new GUSTO variants! Now available: Strong Black Coffee, Creamy Latte, Choco, Cucumber Lemon & Dragonfruit Pineapple
Try our new GUSTO variants! Now available: Strong Black Coffee, Creamy Latte, Choco, Cucumber Lemon & Dragonfruit Pineapple

Healthy You with the Best Detox Travel Pack

Everyone wants hassle-free and worry-free adventures, that’s why it’s vital to be physically fit at all times. One body part gets sick then the whole body suffers, especially if it is the center of our body that aches. For all your travel health demands, The BIG Detox Travel Pack is your best travel buddy.

What’s in it?

This essential health pack consists of two efficient detoxifiers. The first one is the Gusto Vegetable Powdered Juice which is a ready-made vegetable drink to suffice your nutritional needs. The food we take during travels might not have all the nutrients the body needs to maintain good health to fight diseases and enjoy your travel fully, but taking one sachet of Gusto Juice a day can keep the ailments away.

Traveling with the whole family is a great way to have time together between parents and kids, but the challenge is getting enough nutrients to combat the day’s load of adventure. All the nutrients of leafy greens can be taken hassle-free with Gusto Juice.

This vegetable powdered drink consists of 10 primary greens spray-dried to preserve 100% nutritional value. The vegetables are Malunggay, Broccoli, Camote Tops, Basil, Kangkong, Ampalaya, Lagundi, Pandan, Lemongrass, Gotu Kola with Turmeric and Ginger. We cannot expect picky eaters, like kids and some adults, to eat all these mentioned vegetables, may it be raw or cooked, because of taste factors and some irritable and stress effects in the digestive track. But with Gusto Juice, one sachet replaces all the bland to bitter tastes and stomach effects with its powdered form with an all-natural Mango flavor sweetened by unprocessed stevia leaf!

The ten vegetables help to boost immune system, lower cholesterol, relieve constipation, protect liver, lower blood sugar, treat simple coughs, colds and flu, strengthen weak nerves, improve brain function and memory, promote a healthy heart, cleanse the colon and have anti- inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Powdered to perfection, Gusto Juice is a quick and healthy way to easily get 100% natural nutrients without sacrificing the taste and nutritional qualities because of the Spray-drying technology. It’s a flexible superfood that can be in juice form or sprinkled on top of other food like soups, rice, or cereals.


The second travel essential in the detox pack is the 15Biota Probiotics that supply the good guys in the stomach. While traveling, specifically by air, bowel movements are stressed and get a hard time moving your bowels. So it is better to have an on-the-go probiotics in your pack to help move it!

Since traveling requires a good amount of energy, travelers need to consume a lot of food.

Eating to different places can consist of new food sets that the stomach might not be familiar with, but taking one capsule of travel-friendly probiotics can save a diarrhea day during travel period.

Having a feast with lots of new food can make you happy, but not your stomach. The stomach may get along with the new delicacies, but lots of intake can lead to common digestive problems like dyspepsia and flatulence resulting in minor to severe stomach aches. This is what the 5 billion live good bacteria of 15Biota Probiotics prevail to aid proper digestion and bloating in just one capsule.

There are 15 types of good bacteria present in one capsule to assure a good core and appropriate bowel movements. Enough probiotics in the tummy can build a better intestinal ecology that improves lactose malabsorption, improves digestion, regulates bowel movement, and enhances the body’s natural resistance to intestinal infections. With sufficient good bacteria in the stomach, there will be no surprises of bad gut feeling during your travel.

Probiotics have a huge responsibility in maintaining a healthy body. Good digestion, proper absorption of nutrients, transportation of vitamins and minerals to the body, and countering of bad bacteria in the stomach and gut are the major roles of probiotics in strengthening the immune system. These processes can be attained with 15Biota probiotics without the extra hustle.

These two detoxifiers complement each other to clean the toxins from the body to easily boost the immune system and strengthen the core of the body. Having the complete nutrients for on-the-go occasions and travels are made easy by BIG Detox Travel Pack.

Why Detoxify?

Traveling has many benefits including mental, physical, and self-growth to relieve stress and psychological toxins. This is an essential part of the work-life balance structure to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, traveling requires huge amount of energy for the long trips and new adventures, food, and amenities. This is what BIG Detox Travel Pack provide as it is essential for the body to remove toxins and free radicals to fully get enough nutrients that strengthen the body and the immune system. All diseases start from the gut, and we never want those to start.

Include BIG Detox Travel pack in your travel kits to have the right amount of energy and protection and enjoy all your travel adventures with confidence.

On-the-go travel packs are always a traveler's best friend, and having your health pack on the list makes your travel more enjoyable and invulnerable from preventable travel illnesses. Have a BIG Detox Travel Pack in your bag, and secure your travel goals inside and out! It is FDA approved and Halal-certified to assure you the quality ingredients in every pack.

This travel pack doesn’t just save your body, but also save you PHP 10.00 when you buy the BIG Detox Travel Pack at PHP 137.00 containing two pieces of 15Biota Probiotics capsules and 1 sachet of Gusto Vegetable Powdered Juice.

Enough nutrients and probiotics in the body are keys to confidently healthy travels. Maximize outfits, food intake, and enjoy the adventures, because with BIG Detox Travel Pack, you can make the travel worthy while staying healthy.

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