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Due to our polluted environment and low nutrients in the food we consume, our overall health has rapidly declined. And a new urban lifestyle caused the mushrooming of fast food chains. But, by utilizing modern technology, we can now process natural food into high quality nutritional health products which act as vitamins for our body. And thus, the BIG Wellness Package was born – Detox, Flush

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Our Products

All BIG products are FDA Approved and Halal Certified! Click Here!

Berry Gluta

Because people prefer beauty over health, we now have a new product Berry Gluta tablet which aims to make people beautiful through a whiter skin, while at the same time making them healthy as they enjoy the benefits of berry antioxidants.



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” The product is doing me well. I let out more bad gases than before and I can now easily do the number 2. Again, thank you! “

Elaine Limbaga

”I started using BIG products the time they introduced its goodness,
from production to ingredients. I was so impressed with the products
that I tried them personally and prescribes to my patients. Let it be
known that their products like Gusto veggie juice, Big 5-O, 15Biota,
2Biota and Berry Gluta are good to go.”


Chairman of Section Urology and Stonecenter FUMC Val and Antipolo, Consultant, Manila Doctors Hospital, Fort Bonifacio Hospital, Urology Center of the Philippines, Healthway and Healthcube

” LIFE IS UNPREDICTABLE NOWADAYS, di biro ang magkaCovid -19… But
now i’m free with the virus, because of proper immune booster
supplement i’ve been taking since last year, minor lang ang tama sa
akin… GUSTO VEGGIE drink, this brands enhance my system to fight the

Richard Hinola