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Try our new GUSTO variants! Now available: Strong Black Coffee, Creamy Latte, Choco, Cucumber Lemon & Dragonfruit Pineapple
Try our new GUSTO variants! Now available: Strong Black Coffee, Creamy Latte, Choco, Cucumber Lemon & Dragonfruit Pineapple

About Us


Due to our polluted environment and low nutrients in the food we consume, our overall health has rapidly declined. And a new urban lifestyle caused the mushrooming of fast food chains. But, by utilizing modern technology, we can now process natural food into high quality nutritional health products which act as vitamins for our body. And thus, the BIG Wellness Package was born – Detox, Flush and Nourish.


Detox with Gusto Powdered Vegetable Drink Mix – Mango, a spray dried powder extracted purely from 10 kinds of leafy greens plus real ginger and turmeric, sweetened with stevia leaf extract, and made delicious with mango – a convenient healthy drink you can enjoy anytime anywhere. This spray dried powder mix is made from 100% fresh vegetables and fruit. No Preservatives. No Artificial Color. No Detectable Pesticides. Low Calorie. Gluten free. Dairy free. Many users have testified that it helps regulate bowel movement and has other health benefits. It is your Liquid Salad, the veggie you drink!  So that you may enjoy its many benefits, we are coming out with new variants soon!


Flush with BIG 5-0 plant based Omega 3-6-9 vegetable capsules that flushes out the bad oils in our body and helps with our cardiovascular health. It has a purple band which is a Japanese sealing technology to seal in the freshness, preventing moisture from slipping in and oil from leaking out.


Nourish with 15Biota and 2Biota Livercare Probiotics with Prebiotics vegetable capsules to nourish the gut and boost the immune system. All diseases start from the gut. Encapsulation technology allows the probiotics to stay alive with a two-year shelf life.


And because people prefer beauty over health, we now have a new product, BerryGluta Glutathione tablet. It aims to make us beautiful through a whiter skin while at the same time making us healthy as we enjoy the benefits of berry antioxidants and glutathione which works on our liver. It is made more effective with enteric coating so that the small intestine can surely absorb the nutrients.



“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease” ~Thomas Edison


To provide happy options for healthy living the holistic way.


To manufacture and distribute innovative and convenient high-quality products which provide the best value for your money and help you become healthy and happy.