Live life healthy and yummy.


Handpicked all natural goodies to help you live live healthy and yummy
Morin Capsules

Morin Capsules with an overall healthful effect and endow your skin with a glowing look.

Gusto Mango Juice

Gusto Mango Juice. In powdered form so you can enjoy it anywhere.


A traditional blend of Natural extracts that contain flavonoid antioxidant active that protects skin from harmful oxidants that accelerate the growth of P. acne and as a result enhance skin radiance and color.

Maqui Acai Raspberry Juice

Maqui Acai raspberry juice to help in cleansing your body to better well being.

Big Harvest

Big Harvest

Oriental Origins Soap

Oriental origins soap made from natural materials to help your skin glow.

Oriental Origins Anti Aging and Whitening Soap

Oriental origins anti-aging and whitening soap

Oriental Origins Brightening and Moisturizing Soap

Oriental Origins Brightening and Moisturizing Soap

Company Story

Discover the journey of one woman and her vision
The Founder
Meet Betty Aw. The visionary founder who built this company from the ground up. She is one of the pioneer of organic and healthy living here in the Philippines.
The Office
This is where the magic happens. Our office is located at 3F2 8101 Pearl plaza Bldg, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center. Drop by anytime and connect with us.
The Team
The team is made up of passionate individuals all committed to making sure you live your life healthy and yummy. We will always be at your side.
With hundreds of distributors, we have earned the trust of various doctors and distributors all over the world. Join us to start a healthy revolution.


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