About Us

Why choose BIG?

Business Innovations Gateway Inc. (BIG) is dedicated to researching, developing, and bringing to the market the best quality natural wellness products that recharge, restore, and rejuvenate the mind, body and eventually the spirit of people across generations.

BIG is committed to be at the forefront of innovative products and programs that will bring together the BIG WIN Club’s members to a healthy future via lifestyle change. BIG is owned by entrepreneurs with proven track record in successfully developing, growing and sustaining businesses in different industries, such as real estate, insurance and financial services, manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

Being respected leaders in the community, they have continuously helped a lot of people through their philanthropic and CSR activities, which includes the promotion of the SME sector. Combining the expertise and knowledge of the first generation entrepreneurs with the creative and technologically advanced ideas of the second generation budding entrepreneurs. BIG was born in April, 2011.

Why we’re different?

From fresh produce that we farm ourselves with our own organic fertilizer, to encapsulating live strain biota cultured and grown, B.I.G. chooses only the most potent ingredients for our clients. All B.I.G. products have gone through a deliberate and painstaking certification processes but we are proud to say that we simply do it right.

Our Vision

To provide happy options for healthy living the wholistic way

Our Mission

To manufacture and distribute innovative and convenient high-quality products which provide the best value for your money